Because you cannot…

The day was warm, for winter anyway. We lay between the sheets. The soft of the cotton rubbing against my face. I turn on my side and a light breeze pulls through the cavity. The air is colder than I thought. I lie content, staring at a blank wall, tracing the cracks, hoping to find a new imperfection. Something moves slowly and I feel her arm wrap around me.

Suddenly my happiness fades. I turn around to look at her. I want to inhale every moment and save it, forever. this moment, right here. I look at her and smile, helplessly fighting my tears. she strokes my neck.

“Be happy,” she says. “Forever!”

Her laughter fills the air. Music rings in my ears. I close my eyes, letting water flow. ‘Forever.’ Such a long time, is it not. How can I possibly hold on?

The sun filters into the room, turning her skin to gold. Her brown eyes filled with hope, happiness. ‘Forever.’

Those words, like chimes that never end. The sun is rising over mountain tops. I’ve walked these trails for a year now and every moments I find some new wonder. In the pauses between time, the gaps that fill space, beneath it all we lie. The ground is cold, the water refreshing. The air is on fire and I see you in flames that towers above me. i hear your voice, my never ending song.

Forever, forever, forever, forever and ever. ‘Forever.’

Even when it ended, your smile still said forever. Your eyes still filled with hope. Now I live apart, never able to share that smile. strange, is it not, how short a time it really is. I love the sky. I love the sun. And the water, the dust and the stars so very far. I love them forever. I love them for you can no longer love them yourself.


Die reuk van ink en lood wat papier vlek. Papiere netjies gebind in nuwe leer. ñ Boek, versigtig versorg, vingers wat elke blaai met trots hanteer. Die stof, leer ink an papier, díe ou reuk het my altyd tuis laat voel.

Ek onthou nog hoe ek soggens op die heel boonste trap voor my kamer sit en deur n boek blaai. Die son wat deur die ronde venster inklim. stadig word die kammer warmer en warmer. Daardie venster was ingebou om vir my ‘natuurlike’ leeslig the gee. Dit was baie gerieflik, en lekker, maar op keer sal ek te besig raak en sou ek die son mis. Op so n dag sou daar vir my n kersie opgesteek word sodat ek ten minste na die prente in die boeke kon kyk. Die kerslig was aar swak en ek het dit moeilik gevind om daarmee te lees.

My kamer was bokan my oom se kantoor. Dit was só n ronde kamer, binne in die dak. Oom het gese dit was dodat ek die huis veilig kon hou…

My kamer het nie n deur gehaad nie, net n geboë opening wat dadelik gevolg was deur trappe wat afgaan na my oom se kantoor.Die trappe was pragtig! Elke trapwas gemaak van groot mooi donker hout. Die trappe was so uiteengesit dat dit n perfekte heliks vorm. Die trappe is vasgehou deur n paal wat in die middel afgeloop het. Gemaak van n heuning kleur hout met die mooiste patrone op.

Die trappe was meer sooos n tonnel. Vanaf die kantoorvloer, waar die trappe begin, tot by die opening in my kamer was n silindriese muur met rakke in. Die rakke was diep en hoog genoeg om groot boeke in te stoor. In my oom se kantoor was die tonnel in hie hoek weggesteek en n mens moet mooi kyk om die eerste trap te vind.

Somtyds, as die werêld stil was, volgens my oom, kon ek buite ronddwaal en my stories uitbeeld. Elke nou en dan sou die stilte verbreek word deur ligte wat in die verte opsteek. Op slag sou die honde opstaan en beduiweld word. Sulke tye was altyd gepaard met my oom se wyse woorde…

“Dis oorlogtyd, Poplap.” Sou my oom rustig sê en by die agterdeur staan en wag.

Oorlogtyd was wegkruiptyd. Ek sou na my kamer hardloop en n kers opsteek, tot in die middel van die trappe afloop en gaan sit.

Terwyl my oom die werêld berus, reg onder my, sou ek lees. Ek het gelees tot die werêld onder my verdwyn het en wegraak in die woorde op my skoot.

Untitled (ending)

“I am sorry.”

“Thank you, although it isn’t necessary, in fact, I don’t feel as bad as I thought I would.” She gave a hopeful smile and looked up at the sky. It was a beautiful night; the stars were glowing by the millions.

He looked at her with pity and admiration. How she was not crushed, he could not understand. He reminded himself that she was a difficult woman. So many secrets, so many flaws, and she made them all seem beautiful.

“We’d better be going,” she said. “Society isn’t going to protect itself.” She smiled at him, her voice fighting back the laughter.

He leaned in so their foreheads touched. “So positive you are,” he whispered. He touched her cheek softly and said with pity in his voice and eyes, “You lost. They won. It is over, I am truly sorry.”

She swallowed hard and returned his gesture with an equally soft touch. Then she let go of his hand and looked up at the sky again. Her answer was calm and kind and as clear as the stars they sat under.

“Today,” she said as she turned her eyes toward her friend.

“I lost today.”

The dialog of MISFITS


It is winter, the air is dry. Arrow and Star are standing on an open field. The afternoon is fast on its way.

 Arrow: “Are you going to help me or stare at the stars?”

Star closes her eyes; a single tear falls down her cheek.

Star: “What a Star! She stops to stare at the sky.”

Star starts laughing, grabs her shovel pierces a pile of dirt.

Arrow: “When we get home _”

Star: “I know.”

The two siblings continue to work in silence. At times Arrow would look up to watch his sister.

Arrow: “Star?”

She drives the shovel into ground before meeting Arrow’s eyes.

Star: “Yeah?”

Arrow: “It’s you and me. No matter what, no matter when.”

Star: “I know.”

Both Arrow and Star’s eyes fall to the ground.  Again silence fills the air until they are done. Star’s watch beeps.

Arrow: “Happy Birthday little sis.”

Arrow: “We need to get home.”

Star: “Too late, they will be there before we are back on the main road.”

Arrow: “So what now?”

Star: “It’s you and me, right?”

Star walks toward the car as she says this.

Arrow: “Right.”

On the horizon

Maybe we were ments for greater things. Mayby, one day, we will soar in the sky. We will embrace the world with chaos and love. We will dominate our own hearts and live better than those before us. Up in the air we will become invisible, we will be imortal.

Look to the sun, that fiery magnificence. See the moon, a stone coated in cold dust. Mayby if we will it we will walk amoung the, stars and befriend galaxies. We will dance through the milkyway and rule the universe.

If onlywe believed for long enough, if we looked past the horizon to the skipping men on singing donkeys. On the silver lines that run over the sea, we will glide to greatness.

Oh only, but only, if we just looked beyond!

The dialogue of MISFITS


Siblings, Arrow and Star, spend most evenings in their basement. The door is paddocked from both sides. One, so they won’t get out. The other so their parents can’t get in.

Star:  “So, do you think we could actually do it?”

A moment of brief silence.

Star:  “Kill someone.”

Arrow: “Sure, I mean, all you have to do is hit the person over the head. With something; extremely hard.”

Star:  “what about motive?”

Arrow Finishes folding a paper plane.

Arrow: “Simple, curiosity. “

Star:  “Curiosity… “

Arrow: “Yeah.”

Star nods her head she leans in to her seat.

Arrow: “Mom or Dad?

Star:    “Sorry?”

Arrow: “Kill, I mean. Mom or Dad?”

The following dialogue is very direct.

Star:  “Dad; you?”

Arrow: “Mom.”

Both nod silently.


via Daily Prompt: Measure

He whispered in her ear, “Be sure to get the measurements right.”

His pale hand resting on her shoulder, at the back of her neck she could feel the wet, heated prickles of hair. He was watching her. Studying her every movement. The gestures she made with her hands.

“Quiet!” She snapped, “I can hardly think.”

“Hardly?” This from a faint, high voice. “I would think you more capable.”

The woman’s piercing eyes bore a signature she would never forget. It was useless arguing. She knew that they would only hush down once the mixture was finished. But the nuisance! Oh, the agonizing parallel of her mind. they could not leave, let her measure in peace. No. That would be a catastrophe, for they would have no fun at all. She begged and pleaded, but in the end they stuck around. Worst of all, the girl, with her cunning and seductive voice. She was her first ‘friend’ in you may. The one that stuck around. She did not mind her that much. Slowly, however, she accumulated friend of her own. Without so much as a please, they moved in to.

“I have work to do. Ethule!” She told them.

Ethule, ethule ethule!” The girl laughed. “How_ADORABLE. you should have a temper often.” She sighed and lifted her shoulders. She was sitting, barely clothed, legs folded on the table top. Staring at the items in her host’s hands.

“Tell me_” The woman paused to blow her nose. ‘What do we do after this” The woman gestured to the surroundings, more specifically the items on the table ready for measurement.

“Oh yes, do tell. What’s next? Where do we go? Who do we meet?” The girl sat up strait as she said this.

the mixture was brewing. The man, pale, horrid, crept closer to her once more. The girl jumped down from the table and joined them. The woman stood still for a moment, she lost interest. Non the less she to joined. She -and her unwelcome guests- stood by the stove watching the mixture cook. The measurements done perfectly, the transparent liquid smelled of poppy and cinnamon.

She spoke to them now, kind and oddly helpless. “You are going to like this one. He is dreamy. Nice too, much nicer than you were.” That directed at the pale man. “I thought he was a bit odd, I was hoping to play for longer.”

The girls came up behind her, putting both arms around her waist. She placed a soft kiss  on her shoulder, then her neck. All the way to her ear. Her whisper, silky, sweet, not like the pale man. “Can he stay too?”